Law School Notes

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  1. Law of Torts (Short Notes)
  2. Jurisprudence
  3. Canadian Securities Regulation – Best material to have an in-depth understanding of Capital markets irrespective of what jurisdiction you are based in. Especially helpful if you are an Indian law student owing to lack of good material covering the fundamentals. OCRed text, might suffer from few readability issues.
  4. Constitution – I (Fundamental Rights & Basic Structure)
  5. Constitution – II (Federalism, and Government)
  6. Law of Contracts II – Short Notes
  7. Code of Criminal Procedure – CrPC Notes (Contributed by Nisha Raman, JGLS)
  8. Intellectual Property Rights – Case Briefs Only
  9. Corporate Law – Case Briefs Only
  10. Law of Evidence
  11. Code of Civil Procedure – Case Briefs Only
  12. Environment Law Notes – Short Notes
  13. Interpretation of Statutes – Short Notes 
  14. Labour Law 1


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    1. Please send me a comprehensive note on law on Breach of confidence.
      A vase brief note on the following;
      1. Salt man engineering v Campbell engineering
      2. Coco v A. N Clark engineering
      Many thanks

    2. hi,
      would you be kind enough to mail LAND LAWS,Jurisprudence,Contract II and Criminology notes. It would be a big help. Thank you.

  1. you are providing very value information to prepare&gain knowledge better then other which in LAW.
    there is no proper meterial to prepare for UPSC optional LAW. i think u can provide proper short notes for UPSC LAW.
    please provide ASAP with good meterial content of UPSC point of view to easy study……along case studys if possible.

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