Carboxylic Acid (–COOH)

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AIM – To test the presence of carboxylic acid in the given organic compound.

Preliminary Test:-

Experiment Observation Inference
Added bromine water to solution No Effect Compound is saturated
Or Or
Pink colour of Bromine water changed to colourless. Compound is unsaturated.
Added drop of blue Litmus to solution. Solution turned Red. Carboxylic Acid may be present.

Confirmatory Test:-

Experiment Observation Inference
Added sodium bicarbonate to solution. Gas with brisk effervescence evolved. Carboxylic acid confirmed.

Chemical Equations:-

R3C-CR3 + Br2 –> No Effect


R2C=CR2 + Br–> BrR2C-CR2Br

 RCOOH + NaHCO3 –> RCOONa + H2O + CO2

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