Viva Voce – Questions on Chromatography

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  • What is chromatography?

It is a rapid and efficient technique for separating various components of a mixture.

  • What is a chromatogram?

The paper strip after running of the solvent and drying is called chromatogram.

  • What are the moving and stationary phases in paper chromatography?

Both phases are liquid. The solvent is the mobile on moving phase while the water absorbed in the pores of the paper acts as a stationary phase.

  • Why should the strip not touch the walls of the jar?

That is necessary to avoid the uneven flow of the developing solvent.

  • What do you understand by ‘Rf’?

Rf (Retention Factor) is the ratio of the distance travelled by the component from the origin line and distance travelled by solvent from origin line.

  • Why is the rate of movement of mobile phase less in ascending paper chromatography?

This is because the mobile phase moves against gravity.

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