AIEEE 2006 with Solutions

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AIEEE 2006

The increasing order of the rate of HCN addition to compounds A – D is


(1) A < B < C < D (2) D < B < C < A (3) D < C < B < A (4) C < D < B < A

A reaction was found to be second order with respect to the concentration of carbon monoxide. If the concentration of carbon monoxide is doubled, with everything else kept the same, the rate of reaction will

(1) remain unchanged (2) triple (3) increase by a factor of 4 (4) double

The term anomers of glucose refers to

(1) isomers of glucose that differ in configurations at carbons one and four (C-1 and C-4) (2) a mixture of (D)-glucose and (L)-glucose (3) enantiomers of glucose (4) isomers of glucose that differ in configuration at carbon one (C-1)

Phenyl magnesium bromide reacts with methanol to give

(1) a mixture of anisole and Mg(OH)Br (2) a mixture of benzene and Mg(OMe)Br (3) a mixture of toluene and Mg(OH)Br (4) a mixture of phenol and Mg(Me)Br

The pyrimidine bases present in DNA are

(1) cytosine and adenine (2) cytosine and guanine (3) cytosine and thymine (4) cytosine and uracil

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