JEE (MAINS) 2014 with Solutions

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JEE (MAINS) 2014 with Solutions

Sample Questions

An open glass tube is immersed in mercury in such a way that a length of 8 cm extends above the mercury level. The open end of the tube is then closed and sealed and the tube is raised vertically up by additional 46 cm. What will be length of the air column above mercury in the tube now? (Atmospheric Pressure = 76 cm of Hg)
(1) 38 cm (2) 6 cm
(3) 16 cm (4) 22 cm

In a large building, there are 15 bulbs of 40 W, 5 bulbs of 100 W, 5 fans of 80 W and 1 heater of 1kW. The voltage of the electric mains is 220 V. The minimum capacity of the main fuse of the building will be :
(1) 12 A (2) 14 A
(3) 8 A (4) 10 A

A pipe of length 85 cm is closed from one end. Find the number of possible natural oscillations of air column in the pipe whose frequencies lie below 1250 Hz. The velocity of sound in air is 340 m/s.
(1) 6 (2) 4
(3) 12 (4) 8

Which one of the following properties is not shown by NO?
(1) It combines with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide
(2) It’s bond order is 2.5
(3) It is diamagnetic in gaseous state
(4) It is a neutral oxide

The metal that cannot be obtained by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of its salts is:
(1) Cu (2) Cr
(3) Ag (4) Ca

Which one is classified as a condensation polymer?
(1) Teflon (2) Acrylonitrile
(3) Dacron (4) Neoprene

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