JEE (MAINS) 2015 with Solutions

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JEE (MAINS) 2015 with Solutions

Sample Questions

Which of the following is the energy of a possible excited state of hydrogen?
(1) –6.8 eV (2) –3.4 eV
(3) +6.8 eV (4) +13.6 eV

Which of the following compounds is not an antacid?
(1) Cimetidine (2) Phenelzine
(3) Ranitidine (4) Aluminium hydroxide

Which polymer is used in the manufacture of paints and lacquers?
(1) Glyptal (2) Polypropene
(3) Poly vinyl chloride (4) Bakelite

Higher order (>3) reactions are rare due to:
(1) increase in entropy and activation energy as more molecules are involved
(2) shifting of equilibrium towards reactants due to elastic collisions
(3) loss of active species on collision
(4) low probability of simultaneous collision of all the reacting species

3 g of activated charcoal was added to 50 mL of acetic acid solution (0.06N) in a flask. After an hour it was  filtered and the strength of the filtrate was found to be 0.042 N. The amount of acetic acid adsorbed (per
gram of charcoal) is:
(1) 36 mg (2) 42 mg
(3) 54 mg (4) 18 mg

The synthesis of alkyl fluorides is best accomplished by:
(1) Sandmeyer’s reaction (2) Finkelstein reaction
(3) Swarts reaction (4) Free radical fluorination

Which of the vitamins given below is water soluble?
(1) Vitamin D (2) Vitamin E
(3) Vitamin K (4) Vitamin C

The intermolecular interaction that is dependent on the inverse cube of distance between the molecule is:
(1) ion-dipole interaction (2) London force
(3) hydrogen bond (4) ion-ion interaction

In Carius method of estimation of halogens, 250 mg of an organic compound gave 141 mg of AgBr. The percentage of bromine in the compound is: (at. Mass Ag = 108; Br = 80)
(1) 36 (2) 48
(3) 60 (4) 24

Which of the following compounds will exhibit geometrical isomerism?
(1) 3-Phenyl-1-butene (2) 2-Phenyl-1-butene
(3) 1,1-Diphenyl-1-propane (4) 1-Phenyl-2-butene

Which one has the highest boiling point?
(1) Ne (2) Kr
(3) Xe (4) He

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